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Upcoming Retreats:
JULY 19-21, 2019 in Stroudsburg, PA

This is the only retreat planned for 2019.


What is a Brotherhood retreat?

This 3-day retreat is an international gathering of gay and bisexual men who seek to enrich their lives through deeper insights, awareness and connections to both the community and oneself. We will be learning about physiological, psychological and spiritual tools to help create healthier and more fulfilling lives while forging bonds and friendships with other men from different parts of the world. The program will include informational and instructional sessions as well as exercises and participation by all the attendees with attention given to the full body-mind-spirit connection. We will also have plenty of time for social activities and relaxation. There are a variety of different techniques used at the retreat including meditation, transformational breath work, healing touch and much, much more.

The retreat was originally created to help support those who are living with HIV, but over the years it has evolved to a spiritual retreat that is open to all men who are attracted to other men. As modern medicine is making serious advances, the gay community is finally beginning to heal the split between HIV-positive and negative men. We are thrilled be a part of that healing in whatever way we can support it. We all need each other to be strong, healthy and happy.

There are many reasons why people come to this retreat. For some, it is the relaxation of being in the relaxed setting away from the everyday hustle and bustle where we hold the retreat. Some people come for the spiritual development and the opportunity to connect with like-minded and supportive people. For others, it may be about breaking a sense of isolation that often can happen when you don’t have the right kind of support around you. Others yet are seeking news ways of understanding and dealing with how HIV and other STDs are affecting their lives, whether they are positive or negative. No matter what your reason is, you will probably be getting more out of this than you expect.

Who can attend?

Everybody is welcome, regardless of age, nationality, looks, etc. The only requirements to attend are that you are over 18 years old and identify as a gay or bisexual man. The retreat is designed to help those who wish to enrich their lives in a global community of consciousness through personal inquiry and sharing of experiences with others. This is also a drug- and alcohol-free event. If you are struggling with substance addiction, we ask that you have a minimum of 30 days clean and sober before attending the retreat so that you can fully benefit from the work that we do.

The Logistics

Our location is a high quality spiritual retreat center that has a long tradition of hosting inner work groups. There will be three home-cooked healthy meals served each day and lodging is included in the fee.

The total cost of the program including room and board is $595 per person in double occupancy or $795 in single room.

To register, please send a non-refundable** deposit of $225* by check, money order or PayPal along with a completed registration form to:

10925 Blix St. #308
N. Hollywood CA 91602

A limited number of single occupancy rooms will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For single occupancy, add a $200 single room fee to the deposit.

** Deposits are refundable for 30 days after your registration, minus a $50 administration fee. No refunds within 60 days of the start of the retreat for any reason. The name on the registration may be changed at any time.

October 26-28, 2018
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Quotes From Previous Participants About Their Brotherhood Retreat Experience:

"All I can say is WOW. I never imagined anything that could be so transformational, loving, scary, intimate, and as exciting as this retreat has been. I'm a changed man, a new man, a reborn man. It's like I just gained fifteen new lovers. It'll be hard to leave this sacred place and these incredible men. I've never felt more alive and happy."

"I have so much to be thankful for and now I have more clarity to see that. The retreat proved to be motivational for me to move forward in my life with power and with an energy I didn't have before. I am a better listener and I feel able to make better choices for myself. I'm in a brotherhood that feels uncomplicated and incomparable. It is hard to describe but no less real. Thank you so much for allowing me to have this experience. It is with gratitude that I send this note. And a new and open heart."

"A brief glimpse of the endless possibilities in the world, a unique privilege and a turning point in my life."

"Words cannot describe how powerful and engaging it has been for me to share an extraordinary sense of holiness, kindness and brotherhood with many individuals that I can call today my brothers. It has been a soul enrichment and an experience I will never forget."

"Transformative. An experience that creates the atmosphere and space to grow, to change, to love the spirit of life. I left with tools to continue growing with love."

"I wish I could convey the new clarity that has been brought to my spiritual journey, but, as with any real growth, words fall short. Suffice it to say that this fresh understanding seems to flow from a place of essential, elemental truth and brings a feeling of universal connectedness and love. Gratitude doesn't cover it. More like joy."

"I have never been so moved in such an intangible way in my life. The yearning for connection with other gay men living with HIV was the purpose of my attendance at the retreat--however--I never expected the spiritual and emotional healing that took place there."

"This retreat taught me so much about myself and human nature in general. Every Gay man—HIV+ or not—should attend this retreat at least once. It will put all in touch with who they really are and give invaluable instruction in this journey of life and being human."

"As I have returned to my crazy world and the men and women I help everyday I find myself different, more open, more peaceful when I deal with those returning from war. I think of all of you and will use the strength when times get tough."






Media Coverage:

Listen to Claes Lilja talk about the retreat on The SnowBiz Radio show here. (starts around the 12-minute mark)

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Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program

If you need to set up a payment plan or if you cannot afford the Retreat due to financial hardship, please contact us for information on scholarships available. We hope to be able to assist those in need with both fee reductions and travel aid in some cases. A work-study option may be proposed to some participants seeking fee reductions. We have set aside a certain number of spaces at a lower fee for those in need. Please use this application form to apply for a scholarship.

Can You Help?

If you are able to afford paying a little more and would like to make a contribution to help make it possible for those with financial hardships to attend, feel free to add any amount to your registration. Your help would be much valued and appreciated and will be used directly to offset somebody else's cost. Another way to help some guys attend could be to donate frequent flyer miles for them to travel with. If you would like to help out this way, please let us know. You can also click on the PayPal button below to make an instant donation.







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